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Pawsome Organics

Paw Wash

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The easiest paw cleaner ever! If you're looking for a convenient no-rinse waterless paw wash and scrubber to use after daily walks or when your dog's paws get dirty, then look no further. 

Our simple and compact paw cleaner with silicon brush is just so easy to use that you may even enjoy cleaning your pet's paws. Simply pump a bit of foam, scrub their paw, and wipe the foam away. It's that easy. And fear no longer when your pet jumps up onto your beautiful white couch.

Our custom formulated foam is easy on your dog's skin with gentle cleaners. So you can rest easy and curl right up next to your pet's clean paws.
  • PAWRefresh Paw Wash Cleaner with silicone scrubber brush - Our detachable silicone scrubber brush is super easy to clean and creates a thick lathered foam perfect for cleaning your dog's paws anytime, especially after walks.
  • Natural Ingredients - Our no rinse shampoo is cruelty-free and made with gentle cleaners and FREE OF parabens, sulfates, phthalates and phosphates.
  • Convenient - Each 150ml bottle is compact and easy to take on the go. It's size and ease of use makes it the best alternative to traditional bulky foot and paw cleaners.
  • For All Paws 


Customer Reviews

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Rafael Rodriguez
Game changer

This is probably the most useful item I’ve purchased for dog maintenance. A little scrub with wipes and makes it not as annoying letting my dog go out and bringing in mud.